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Are you looking at buying a pre-owned Robinson Helicopter?

If so, you are no doubt aware of the importance of conducting a thorough Pre-Purchase inspection, both in terms of an engineering inspection, as well as a Flight Test.

Whilst this may appear as an added expense, the cost of not carrying out the correct due diligence can run into tens of thousands of pounds. Our Engineers and Pilots have a wealth of experience on the Robinson series of helicopters (and have Lycoming factory training on the series of engines installed in Robinsons) so we can help to prevent any unexpected expense and down time.

It is essential that a thorough audit of the aircrafts documents and a physical survey of the airframe and engine is carried out to be sure that everything is carried out and documented correctly, if not then this can be a cause to walk away or indeed provide a basis for negotiation to ensure costs of the required work can be covered.

We have excellent industry partners in several European countries and also further a field, providing a cost effective way of obtaining the primary resources.

To find out more about our Robinson Pre-Purchase Inspections please contact us.

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